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The Honeywell Filter range includes Filters for protection against Particulates, Gases, Vapours and combinations of both. Filters attach directly to the face piece cartridge connectors.

Features :
Low profile and lightweight design offers excellent vision and allows Filter to be used under most Face shields.
Curved edge on Cartridges reduces the risks of catching or snagging on pipes or other workplace hazards.
Threaded connectors that are compatible with Honeywell 5500 and 7700 Series half masks.
Easy to attach cartridges – will not come off accidentally.
Suitable for protection against against many hazardous gases and vapors in many applications.
A2 Rating in conjunction with a half mask : Organic vapours with a boiling point >65°C.

Specifications :
Filter Material: Plastic.
Face Mask: Compatible with the Honeywell/North range of masks.
Limitations of use: Selection of the appropriate Filter cartridge and Filter combination is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of contaminant, the level of exposure, and the length of exposure.
Filter weight: 74g.
Filter Diameter: 80x50mm.

Maintenance :
The useful life of filters depends on the absorbent, the concentration in the contaminated air, the relative humidity, the ambient temperature and the type of work being done.
Gas and combination filters must be replaced when the user can taste, smell or sense contaminants. All gas and combination filters should be discarded no longer than six months after opening, irrespective of the number of periods of use.
Particle and combination filters must be replaced when breathing becomes difficult.

Applications :
Agriculture, Automotive and Part Manufacturer, Aviation, Building and Construction, Chemical Industries, Foundry, General Industry, Glass Industries, Green Spaces, Industrial Cleaning, Laboratory, Maintenance, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Metal steel, Paper Industries, Ship Building, Textile Industries, Utilities, Water treatment, Wood Industries.

Sold by the pair.

Standards :
Certified AS/NZS 1716:2012 Personal Respiratory Protection Standard Compliant.

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Honeywell A2 Organic Vapour Filters

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