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LINQ offers ready-made Kits that are suitable for a broad range of occupations. These include :
Essential Basic Roofers Kit.
Essential Standard Roofers Kit.

These Kits have been designed to meet the general requirements of workers who are working at heights in most workplace situations.
The Kits also offer exceptional value for money as opposed to buying the items individually.
If your site has specific requirements, LINQ also offer a custom kit service.
Customers can take advantage of the LINQ custom kit service by tailoring a kit to suit the needs of their individual work site, choosing from any LINQ Harness, Lanyard, Rope, Karabiner and Accessory.
The possibilities with the custom kit option are endless, making it easier to create kits based on occupation as opposed to workplace.

LINQ Essential Basic Roofers Kit Contents :

LINQ Essential Harness :
Australian designed and engineered. Interwoven reflectivity strips for increased low light wearer visibility.
Webbing 28 to 30kN for PRO LINQ harnesses while the ASNZ 1891.1 standard requires 15kN minimum, PRO LINQ is 200% the minimum standard requirement.
Webbing is UV rated to meet AS/NZS 1891.1 standard.
Elastic TIDY loops designed to retain excess webbing post adjustment.
The use of a frontal Dee for fall arrest is (not used as part of PRO LINQ’S concern for user safety) in the PRO LINQ range of harnesses, the poorly positioned frontal Dee is replaced by a co-joined set of Belay Loops with increased loop length, resulting in enhanced safety in a properly fitted LINQ harness. Eradicates the chance of throat and facial injury that is associated with frontal Dee harnesses.
The co-joined Belay Loops ensure straight line forces at moment of impact, eradicating dangerous vectoral forces associated with most frontal D-ring type harnesses with off-set non centered Dee placement.
The LINQ design ensures that there is a substantial Moment of Impact safety enhancement.
Positioning of Belay Loops below the chest for better safety.
A properly fitted LINQ harnesses Belay Loop design creates a “seat” for the wearer for after fall comfort and safety, whilst at the moment of impact its positioning forms a natural fulcrum and ensures that any risk of throat or facial injury from fall arrest or attachment hardware is greatly reduced.
Chest Strap positioned below breast line to reduce the risk of throat injury in the event of a fall.
Rear dorsal attachment-drop forged hardware for exceptional strength 40kn (4 tonnes). Dorsal Dee attachment engineered for zero slide in a fall (no keeper/insert breakout).
Adjustment buckles designed to preclude webbing slippage during day to day use.
Buckles easy to adjust in both slotted and quick fit buckles.
‘THETA’ stitch pattern engineered to match webbing strength to ensure no weak point in the harness assembly. Shaped to preclude stitch thread breakage in a fall.
Contrast stitch thread colour to webbing colour as per AS/NZS standard, for easy inspection.
The Standard’s type testing stipulates that compliance assessment takes place after just 1 fall, but PRO LINQ harnesses are engineered to withstand 4 falls (4 head first/4 feet first falls) and thereafter still comply with the AS/NZS 1891.1 standard compliance assessment requirements.

LINQ Shock Absorbing 450mm Single Leg Webbing Lanyard :
Australian designed, engineered, and made.
High Tenacity webbing 33kN. 220% in excess of AS/NZS 1891.1 standard requirements.
Webbing is UV rated to exceed AS/NZS 1891.1 standard.
Unique 'THETA' stitch pattern has 423 stitches resulting in a strength that matches the lanyards’ tenacity of 3.3t, ensuring no weak point in the lanyard assembly.
Contrasting stitch thread colour, as per AS/NZS standard for easy inspection.
Stitching patterns are sewn by computer controlled bar tacking machinery for precision, using UV resistant high tenacity polyester yarn with 10 newton (10kg) breaking strength.
The unique LINQ polyester Energy Absorber is designed to protect a worker up to 160kg in weight (including tools and equipment).
Drop forged D Transition point doubles as a spare leg stowage point.

LINQ Kernmantle Rope 15m with Thimble Eye and Rope Grab.

LINQ Anchor Strap 1.5m Endless Round :
Width - 25mm.
Rating - 22kN.
Third party NATA accredited.

LINQ Screw Gate Steel Alloy 18mm Karabiners x 2 :
Opening - 18mm.
Weight - 165gm.
Rating - 25kN.
Width - 58mm.
Length - 110mm.

LINQ Duffle Backpack.

LINQ by PRO Choice.

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 Safety Harnesses and Belts Protection Standard Compliant.
AS/NZS 5532:2013 Requirements for Anchor Device used for Harness Work at height Protection Standard Compliant.
Certification by SAI Global License #21481.


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LINQ Essential Basic Roofers Kit

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